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Regular Eye Exams for Children Ensure They Are Prepared To Succeed Academically and Personally

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Being a kid isn’t easy, and struggling with vision problems doesn’t make it any easier. Kids, due to a lack of life experience and simply not knowing any better, often struggle to articulate when they are experiencing challenges with their vision.

Many kids do have vision problems, with nearly 1 in 4 school-age children requiring some form of vision correction. Imagine trying to take notes from the board or participate in lessons with hazy, fuzzy vision. It can’t be easy.

Alberta Health covers annual eye exams for kids 18 and younger (as well as eye exams for seniors over age 65). We strongly encourage parents to take advantage of this coverage and bring their children in for an annual comprehensive eye exam.

Has Your Child Had an Eye Exam Recently? We Recommend Annual Eye Exams

If it has been more than a year since the last eye exam for your child, we invite you to request an appointment to schedule an eye exam at a time convenient for you.

This eye exam is painless and non-invasive; your child has nothing to fear and will not feel any pain. Most of the time kids are fascinated by the high-tech equipment we use when performing the exam!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Exams for Kids

The Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) recommends that your child receive their first eye exam between the ages of 6 and 9 months.

Preschool children ages 2 to 5 should have at least one eye exam prior to starting kindergarten. This will ensure that they have everything they need to enjoy a new environment full of fun and learning.

The Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) recommends eye exams annually for children age 18 or younger. As kids mature their bodies – eyes included – change rapidly. Annual eye exams will ensure that any negative changes to their vision are addressed before they cause problems academically or socially.

Alberta Health provides financial coverage for annual eye exams for kids age 18 and younger; eye exams for adults may be partially or fully covered by your benefits insurance provider.

An eye exam is fast – lasting between 45 and 60 minutes – and completely painless. The exams are non-invasive, and many kids find them interesting because of the advanced equipment we employ.

The Importance of Eye Exams for Kids

Staying on top of ocular health is important, but particularly so for kids. As adults we can draw on our breadth of experiences to let us know when things aren’t right. A child that has been living with myopia their whole life (for example) may not know any better. Not only that, but children are highly adaptive and often simply assume that what they’re experiencing is part of growing up.

Learning & Play

Often, when a child struggles in school, we can trace its root to the eye. Since over 80% of what a child learns in school is presented visually, it’s vital that their ability to see is unimpaired. Vision influences so much, from hand/eye coordination to learning and social development.

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