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Thousands of Albertans Live With Dry Eye. We Can Help Relieve Your Dry Eye’s Frustrating Symptoms.

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For many Albertans, dry eye is is a chronic and painful condition. For others, it comes and goes intermittently and for seemingly no reason. Working together, we will help you determine the cause of your dry eye and help you to manage its symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Alberta, with an arid climate and high altitudes, is a hub where dry eye flourishes. As dry eye is often influenced by allergens and ambient air quality, we see a lot of people in Grande Prairie with dry eye symptoms- especially in the spring and summer months.

Today there are a variety of effective treatments for dry eye. The continuous improvement of available technology as well as a greater understanding of dry eye and its causes has resulted in many different types of effective treatment.

Visit us for help with your dry eye symptoms. We will work with you to determine the cause and find the best way to treat and manage its symptoms.

Dry Eye Practitioners Right Here in Grande Prairie

We have the most up to date dry eye treatment right here in Grande Prairie! Request an appointment to speak to a dry eye expert. We will assess your symptoms, determine its cause, and find you relief from dry eye’s symptoms.

More Information About Dry Eye

When your body is unable to properly lubricate your eye, the resulting condition is called dry eye. This lack of lubrication may be due to your body not producing enough tears, or the tears the body does produce being of poor quality (they evaporate too quickly).

To diagnose dry eye, we examine the eye carefully during a comprehensive exam. We may be able to diagnose your dry eye right away, or we may require the use of more specialised tests (such as the Schirmer test) to determine tear quantity and quality.

A range of treatments are available. Depending on the severity of your dry eye, treatment can involve using eye drops or the recommendation of advanced technologies – such as LipiFlow – to relieve symptoms.

The most common “first step” in treating dry eye, lubricating eye drops (also called artificial tears) are used to provide lubrication for the eye. These eye drops can be found at varying viscosities from liquid to ointment. They can also be found as a mineral-oil based solution.

We can also provide prescriptions for medicated eye drops containing anti inflammatories or antihistamines. One of these medication is Restasis. Restasis facilities the body’s natural production of tears over the period of weeks and months. Restasis is used (in the form of eye drops) twice daily for months to years.

A high quality triglyceride Omega-3 can increase the quality of tears produced and decrease tear evaporation. This is especially effective when the cause is an underlying medical condition, simply aging, or post-menopause.

Punctal plugs are placed inside the tear ducts, preventing tears from naturally draining via the ducts. This forces tears to stay on the eye longer, providing greater lubrication.

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Some Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Often patients are completely asymptomatic and have no idea that dryness is an issue until the optometrist brings it to their attention. Once treatment is initiated, patients start to realize the difference in their eyes and notice that what they thought was normal actually wasn’t so.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may have a form of dry eye and should have an evaluation to determine its severity:

  • Itching
  • Tearing
  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Stinging
  • Blurry Vision
  • Pain
  • Foreign Body Sensation

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