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Visit Us For Fast Treatment In the Event of an Eye Emergency. Located in East Grande Prairie at the Intersection of 92 St, and 100 Ave.

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In the event of an eye emergency – such as having a caustic chemical or foreign body in the eye – a visit to our clinic may be faster than a trip to the emergency room. We have specialized equipment and much shorter wait times.

In most cases, we are able to provide faster medical care, with the same level of treatment, for your eye emergency. If you get a chemical in your eye and visit the emergency room, they will give you an eyewash and then you will wait to see the on-call Ophthalmologist. At our clinic you will receive the same treatment, but will have much more immediate access to an Optometrist.

Please call us prior to coming in and let us know the nature of the emergency.

In The Middle of an Ocular Emergency? Call Us ASAP.

Do not delay treatment: in most cases, vision that is lost is lost permanently.
An eye emergency is defined as any event where ocular health is placed in immediate risk. If you are experiencing such an event, call us at (780) 513-2020 and we will provide you the immediate next steps.

More Information About Eye Emergencies

Any event that risks vision loss is defined as an eye emergency.

Common emergencies include:

  • Chemicals in the eye
  • A BB, pellet, projectile in the eye
  • Trauma (from a fight or object striking the eye)
  • Burning the eye with flame, hot water, oil, etc.
  • Being “poked” in the eye
  • Scratching the eye, especially deeply

If this is during regular business hours, call us first. We have specialized equipment for assessing and treating eye related problems and our training has focused entirely on the eye.

Per Alberta Health, any medically-necessary treatment will be covered by your provincial health plan. Do not let perceived cost place your eyesight at risk- call us ASAP.

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